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Early Mountain Winery

Early Mountain Pet Nat Blanc 2019

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Pétillant naturel (Pét-Nat), literally meaning “naturally sparkling,” is a term for sparkling wine made by Méthode Ancestrale.  The wine begins its fermentation as any other white; but prior to completion, the wine is bottled under crown cap to finish the fermentation in bottle.  The small amount of sugar left in the wine is consumed by the yeast, resulting in a dry finished product.  The carbon dioxide produced by the yeast then dissolves into the wine, producing fine bubbles.  The bubble size is slightly smaller than in Methodé Champenoise sparkling wines. Due to an active fermentation in bottle, it remains slightly cloudy and will settle some with time.  With such a non-interventionist style of winemaking, Pét-Nat offers a unique glimpse into the characteristics of the vintage.

Distinctive aromas of honeysuckle, grapefruit pith, pear and peach are highlighted by notes of tropical hops.  The aromatic intensity of Malvasia Bianca is complemented by the wine’s effervescence.  The fine bubbles, produced by the ferment finished in bottle, creates a unique mouthfeel with the natural tannins from the grape.

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