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Longevity Cabernet Sauvignon

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Winemaker’s Notes:

Celebrating 15 years of producing Cabernet Sauvignon, winemaker Phil Long embarked on a challenge of producing a classic Bordeaux style wine, blending several different clones from several vineyard– even going as far as using the rare and enjoyable varietal Arinarnoa.

Tasting Notes:

This medium brick, plum colored Cabernet shines with intense black cherry notes in this multi-vineyard blend. The palate has a rustic fruit expression favoring dried cherry, cassis and pomegranate notes finishing with subtle oak notes yielding a light vanilla and cocoa finish. The soft tannins provide a lengthy enjoyable finish.

Blend: 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Arinarnoa, 10% Mixed Blacks


Longevity Wines is a boutique family owned, family operated, urban style winery located in the Livermore, California. The Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association voted Longevity Winery of the Year in 2018.

“We handle everything from bin to bottle,” says winemaker Phil Long.

The Longevity philosophy declares it is not just about the wines, but the experience. The food you had with it, the friends you shared the wine with and the location the experience took place.

It’s this passion for wine that keeps Phil Long striving to make high quality wines. Enjoy a glass of Longevity tonight to experience what goes into every bottle.

"I got into this business to be a winemaker.”

Winemaker Phil Long began his journey making wine in the garage with his wife Debra. Now with over a decade of winemaking experience, and a list of awards too long to print, he continues his journey with the constant of always improving in place.

“Great wine starts with great fruit, there is no way around that.”

The cellar practices and techniques that Phil uses are constantly re-evaluated and improved, and the grapes for Longevity are personally sourced by Phil from the very best vineyards. This ultimately elevates the quality of the wines he is able to produce.

Winemaker Phil Long created the lacy heart-shaped branding for Longevity as part of what he calls a passion project with his wife Debra.

In 2016, Debra Long was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lost her long battle in 2019. Long continues to draw his inspiration from their love story on a daily basis.

Winemaker Phil Long has the Longevity logo tattooed to his forearm to serve as an everlasting reminder of their love.

Passion for Innovation

“The Helix Packaging concept is brilliant and paired with the Longevity brand should develop into a powerful program,” said Fred Franzia, CEO founder of Bronco Wine Company.

The Helix closure is very clever. By using a special bottle, with grooves inside the neck, it makes it possible to remove the cork without using a tool.

In terms of performance, Amorim and O-I data show that there’s no difference detectable by sensory analysis after 26 months from a control.

Helix is perfect fit for those consumers who love for the romance of natural cork but crave the convenience of a screw cap.

As Seen On TV!

Longevity wines have been seen on TV in programs ranging from HBO's "Big Little Lies" to CBS's "Mom" and TVLand's "Hot in Cleveland" to Netflix's "Flaked".

For more information about the winery, check out this article.

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