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Secret Squirrel Red Blend

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Secret Squirrel is a project for the Corliss family of wineries (Corliss Estates, Tranche). The name is obviously pretty playful, as is the packaging, which features a horny squirrel getting ready to attend an Eyes Wide Shut-themed party. But the juice inside? It’s deadly serious. I mean, really serious, really high quality, really bottle aged juice. So let’s focus on that.

This label is mostly a result of Corliss’ Red Mountain estate vineyards coming online. With Corliss Estates making otherworldly wines at the high end of the spectrum, and with Tranche focusing squarely on their Blue Mountain Estate Vineyard, they needed a home for all the excellent Red Mountain juice that didn’t make sense for the Corliss wines. Enter the Squirrel and some great value wines ...

What I love about this project is that it shares the Corliss/Tranche ethos of extended ageing, but it does so at pricing about half that of the Tranche reds, and one-third to one-quarter of Corliss reds. This Cabernet Sauvignon dominant wine possesses an inky dark color and opens with aromas of stewed cherries and blackberries with hints of coffee and sage. The mouthfeel is rich, currently displaying a masculine flavor profile yielding dense flavors of black currants, raspberries and cocoa through the finish.

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